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poetry time (inspired by crowbars ;)

My fingers are painted red
With the crimson life of your body
A crowbar at my feet
The same essence
colors it's metal

dressed in white
the way you asked
The wind makes a mockery of my skirt
The snow mimics the covering on my body
Watching you fall into the deepest sleep

My nails are painted black
They tap a rhythm on the laquer
The polished vaneer of your new wooden home
My heart beats the color of my nails
And trips a melody of sorrow

Oceans spill from my eyes of grey
making pathways down my face
They run a race to find a way to you
Who sleeps eternally in a charcoaled suit
and knock gently on your door

drip drop
tap tap
you won't ever die
now matter how many times I kill you
When my tears knock
Your memory answers
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