Alex (aufte) wrote in digital_tears,

with my name in the stars

warm towards everyone without the ropes hanging my name in the stars
always singing the same old fucking songs to the flies
when you walked in i was fast asleep - you set me on fire
and sooner than later i was awake wondering where you came from
so i took my axe and convinced everyone on the earth that were all crazy
but i lost cause when i started to believe my own words
then nobody felt the same and we all lost cause
well i still feel lucky you came to take me home
my old days were bloodier than anything
i woke up tired, was never on time, i ate too much, was wasted too much
hated too much, i was fucked up too much
i was too fucking digital yet i moved with the tones underwater
now here we are where no one can see my new life
so much more than diving into a current
feeling the warm undertow taste my body
the ropes gave a long time ago
and i stopped breathing so you breathed the poison for us both
leaving these velvet scars
i feel it now and i know
yeah i know, there's a cause

i wrote that a while ago, i thought i'd share. and by the way, i'm new so, hello everybody. pleased to meet you.
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