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Breaks are need

Breaks are needed

The presence of you
Arose a stirring inside of me
I could not hault my attempts to win you over

I realize you're eyes lie easily
And ur lips speak half truths
And I'm in bliss oh so ignorant

I kiss the words away
And dance alone
And I' waiting and I'm still waiting

For what you've said will occur
But you failed again
And I'm left with the break line nearing

To end it all and to see the colors smeer
All the things we've done to run together
As we both run faster to the break up mark

Did you know I tripped and you ran passed me
Cause there was something about the way you did things
That made my heart race like it is now

And there was something about that ego
That made butterflies arise deep down
And I could not find the finish line

I just sat on the pavement
And hoped for you to change
And hoped for someone to pick me back up again.

I need comments and critism I think i'm going to read this to my poetry class and I want it to be perfect
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